1. Students must arrive atleast 10 minutes before the School Assembly. Regularity and punctuality are demanded of all the students.

2. A student must attend the school from the opening day till last day of the scholastic year.

3. Leave notes are obligatory. Leave must be applied for in advance. When the absence is due to unforeseen circumstances, due entry must be made in the Absence section of the diary, signed only by the Parents / Guardians to be then countersigned by the Principal before getting admitted to the class room.

4. A pupil who has been absent for more than 3 days at stretch because of illness is excepted to produce a Doctor’s certificate before returning to school.

5. Absence without leave for a week or more could be considered as the withdrawl of the pupil from the school and the student’s name could be struck of the rolls.

6. Appropriate fine may be imposed, if the students absent from the school on any important occasions and just prior to the Examinations.

7. Students who have to leave the school during class hours must get the Principals written permission.

8. A pupil who is absent during any class will be marked absent for the whole day.

9. Students with a cumulative attendance of less then 90% will not be allowed to sit for the promotion examination and will be detained.

10. Late comers must get proper entries made in the ‘Late Arrival’ section of the diary before entering the classroom.