1. When you enter the class if you are already late say ‘EXCUSE ME’ to the class teacher and enter in. Greet your teacher and treat them with respect. When the teacher leaves the class room say ‘THANK YOU’.

2. You are expected to come to class NEAT and TIDY with necessary books, school diary & study materials.

3. You are expected to be REGULAR & PUNCTUAL. Those who miss the class are expected to give a leave note, medical certificate or other documents stating the reason for your absence.

4. You are expected to NOTE DOWN your STUDY PERFORMANCE from your progress Report/Mark-list.

5. During the activity-based class / work / games, you are NOT TO DISTURB THE OTHER CLASSES.

6. RESPECT your class mates. DON’T GOSSIP OR QUARREL during study hours or class hours.

7. CLASS LEADER (along with your Class Teacher ) is responsible for the maintenance of SILENCE, ORDER, DISCIPLINE AND STUDY ATMOSPHERE.

8. The leader leads the PRAYER- before class every day.

9. The leader will keep a BLACK-BOARD ready for the period. Other TEACHING Aids like: chalk, pencil, charts, models, attendance books you may be requested to bring from the office by your Class - Teacher.You may distribute the NOTE-BOOKS & STUDY MATERIAL to students as per teacher’s request.

10. Respect the PLACES and belognings of others. Student is solely responsible for his / her books & belongings. If things are lost/stolen, bring it to notice of your class teacher.

11. When you leave the class-room kindly CLOSE the doors- windows.

12. Kindly maintain the class room well. DON’T WRITE OR SCRATCH OR DRAW pictures on the desks, benchs, tables or chair or walls. Anyone damaging school property will be fined.

13. Waste papers or materials are to be thrown in the Dust bin.

14. Students are expected to go for PERSONAL NEEDS (drinking water, latrine etc.) not during class or study hours. You may make use of the BREAK-TIME for this purpose.