1. 90% attendance is compulsory for students to sit for the final examination and promotion.

2. No one is allowed in the examination hall with out the admit card. Examination written without the admit card will be considered invalid.

3. There will be 4 examinations, such as: the Two Periodic Tests, the Half  Yearly and the Final. Progress Cards will keep the parents informed of the children’s progress. The Progress Card must be signed by the parents guardians submitted of the Parent Teacher meeting day.

4. Besides the 4 major examination; monthly tests class works, home works and oral examinations are regularly conducted to inculcate regular habits of study.It is compulsory for all students to appear and qualify in the unit tests, Half Yearly examination and if they fail to do so, they will not be permitted to appear for the annual examination.

5. Parents/Guardians should contact the school office if the Progress Card is not issued within three weeks after and examination.

6. Students absent from unit tests or examinations will have to meet the principal with proper justification in order to be considered for appearing in re-examination.

7. Promotion are based on the whole year’s work performance. Hence regularity in work and attendance are of utmost importance.

8. English being not only a subject but also the medium of instruction, an average of 60% in English will be insisted on for promotion.

9. A student who fails in anyone of the major subjects or in two minor subjects is not eligible for promotion.

10. Written applications for the verification of marks in special cases will be entertained at the discretion of the Principal, if accompanied with a search fee of Rs. 100/- per paper. Answer papers of the final examination will not be available for inspection by students/parents.

11. The results declared after the final examination is final and cannot be reconsidered.

12. If found using unfair means during exams, especially promotion examination,students may be suspended or detained or given T.C. at the end of the year with no marks awarded for the subject. as necessary.15. In all questions of promotion or failure, the Principal’s decision is final.