I gladly welcome all of you to our enriching School website, which I am sure will serve as an essential interactive tool for all of you to acquaint yourselves with the lives and activities of our students, members of the staff and the extended Ebenezer family, Twiphuma.

Ever since the foundation of our school, this institution has become a home to the under privileged children of the Sabroom sub-division. It has successfully moulded students hailing from the remote villages and continues its endavour of sowing seeds of growth, in the making honest and responsible citizens. The motto “HUMBLE, GENTLE AND PATIENT” is our guiding principle for the integral development of our students with an all out holistic approach.

Of late, our school has initiated a series of progressive steps to keep pace with the changing times to meet the needs of the students where teachers are more facilitators.

Believing firmly in the hidden potential of the students, the school makes every effort to persuade its students to believe that they are the best and they can become the best they can be in every sphere of their learning and growing.

Looking forward to your frequent visit to www.ebenezerhighschool.in


Pradip Dhan
Ebenezer High School