1.Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and disciplinein the school. Guardians are requested to collaborate in this matter with theschool authorities by urging the regular attendance and punctuality of theirwards. Periodical reports will keep parents informed of the progress of theirchildren. These reports are to be signed by the parents and returned.

2. Habitual idleness, irregular attendance, disobedience and misbehavior atschool or even outside the premises, being injurious to the moral tone of theschool, are sufficient reasons for dismissal.

3. Every pupil must possess a School calendar which should be brought to schooldaily.

4. More than three days of abscence from the School will require the countersign of the Principal on the “Regularity Record” to be allowed to sit in theclass.

5. Nobody is allowed to leave the school premises except on the strength of aletter of authorization from his guardian.

6. During the recess no pupil is to remain in any of the j rooms.

7. No newspapers and magazines are allowed in the class room without theconsent of the school authorities / teachers.

8.Pupils may be sent home during school hours for reasons of misbehavior,lack of compliance with rules or for any eventuality.

9. Any communication (Request or Complaint)by the parents should beaddressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher.

10. Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children or interviewteachers during school hours.

11. Parents should come on the parent - teacher meeting day (OPEN DAY)without fail. Answer papers/progress report card will not be shown onother days.

12. Parents and guardians are urged to inculcate in their children/ wards a tastefor prayer, a sense of the Divine and the necessary of ethical and spiritualvalues right from their homes.

13. Certificates from the School office will be issued only on the strength of awritten application. It should be kept in mind that a minimum of three daytime period is reserved to the School Office before you are given anydocument.

14. A written permission from the School Administrator is must for thestudents who wish to Board the School Bus but have not applied for thebus service.

15. Day Scholars/Boarders who do not return promptly after the holidays(major/minor) are liable to disciplinary measures which may includesuspension, fines, or even dismissal as the school authorities may deem fit.